Imagine you are sitting alone at home. It is nighttime, and maybe you are catching up on some light reading before turning in for the night. Everything is normal, but then you notice that the bedside lamp is flickering and then you hear a slight noise from the next room. The room you know is empty and a strange sense begins to creep over you like someone is standing close to you. In fact, you think you see their shadow right there. But when you look at there is no one.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe too familiar? Well, some might say there is an explanation for it, and it is not something that we can see or hear in the physical world. They would say that if you experience things like this regularly, you might actually have psychic abilities and not even realize it.

Now, there are a lot of things we can’t explain, and the creepy feeling of being watched, the sudden strange sensation that assails you when you step into certain places, and the lifelike dreams that haunt you, some say, might be signs of heightened psychic abilities. Just like there are signs that your spirit may have inhabited the Earth before in a different form, these are signs that are believed to show an innate ability to communicate with realms beyond our own.

Sign #1

You have always seen strange things maybe you have written them off as childish imaginings, but it is perfectly possible that you have experienced something other. Children are traditionally thought of as more receptive to paranormal events, and so you might have even thought seeing or to sense a spirit was totally normal!

Sign #2

You Have Vivid Dreams and nightmares, the dream and spirit worlds are thought to be linked, and so it makes sense that if you are sensitive to spirits while awake, then you’d be sensitive while sleeping, too. You may be able to remember your dreams quite clearly, sometimes for years, and experience sensations like touch and smell in your dreams and that include frightening nightmares, too! You might also be able to determine meanings and messages from your dreams, which some believe are the spirits communicating directly with you.

Sign #3

You have strong reactions to old places, walking into a place with a lot of history. You might find yourself getting a sudden, strong feeling that doesn’t seem to make sense atleast not in this world. The same thing might happen when you handle an old object that has its share of stories. It is believed that psychic energies can attach themselves to places and things, and if you are sensitive enough, you might pick up on them.

Sign #4

You see things out of the corner of your eye. It is not uncommon to think you see a dark shape maybe a human-shaped one dart past the corner of your vision. There are many theories as to why these visions appear, but some believe that these shadows are actually spirits, especially if you find you see them in the same places.

Sign #5

You have a strong connection to animals because psychic powers deal with the kind of communication that doesn’t involve words, so many times. They are believed to be able to communicate with animals, too. Maybe you have always felt a connection to a certain type of animal or had a strong bond with a particular animal at some point in your life. You feel a bond that requires no words.

Sign #6

You have experienced strange things after the death of a loved one. Everyone is shaken to a death, but maybe you have noticed other things happening, out-of-the-ordinary things that also seem to remind you of the deceased. Some people believe that this may be evidence of the departed’s spirit sticking around just a bit longer, usually to let the surviving family members know that everything is okay! Common signs include white feathers and floating lights.

Sign #7

Someone in your family has had similar experiences. It is believed that psychic abilities, like the ability to roll your tongue or being double-jointed, are hereditary. So you may have heard your relatives mention, even in passing, a spooky experience they couldn’t explain. Or maybe when you were kids, you had a cousin who insisted that their house was haunted.

Sign #8

Electronics seem to malfunction around you. Many believe that the energy put out by spirits or by those with increased spiritual energy has the ability to interfere with electronic devices, causing them to glitch and shut off, seemingly at random. Just like you see in horror movies! If it seems like everyone’s phones lose service around you, or if you have had to call it support one too many times, it might not be your devices. It might be you.

Sign #9

You hear noises in the next room when no one else is home. Just like seeing a snippet of a shadow is believed by some to indicate the presence of a spirit, hearing a strange noise like shuffling, murmuring, or motion in a place you know no one should be is also thought to be a sign that you are picking up on the paranormal.

Sign #10

You have always been drawn to the paranormal ever since you were little. You have kind of liked the things that go bump in the night. Maybe you liked staying up to watch the scary movies on TV when everyone else would rather be safe under the covers. Or maybe you feel a certain connection to the places and stories that other people think are just a bit too spooky. It might be something telling you to explore that side of life a little more.