The 72 different cards in a Tarot deck can create thousands of possible combinations and infinite variations of your future. A skilled fortune teller can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year telling people their future and in the world of Shut Eye, where the money goes, blood will follow. Drawing the Magician card means you have power, skill, and resourcefulness.

Charlie Haverford was once a magician. He’s also a skilled mind reader, resourceful in solving his problems and he gained the power of prophetic visions after getting punched in the head by a client’s jealous boyfriend. Now, he works as a collector in LA’s underground fortune-telling scene.

In the world of this show, Gypsies first brought Tarot cards to America. The storefront psychics you see in almost every big city are controlled by tight-knit networks of families, joined by blood and ruled with fear by men like Fonso, the Emperor. The Emperor card represents power and authority and Fonso uses both to control his family. As a violent and cunning leader, he ruthlessly plays the Hanged Man card against his enemies. But if you can’t use force to get what you want, deception can work just as well.

High Priestess

Landing the High Priestess Tarot card means you are manipulative and have a hidden agenda, just like Charlie’s wife, Linda. When Charlie can’t deliver on the life of luxury that Linda thinks she deserves, she decides to team up with her lover Gina to pull off a million dollar scam. But Linda drew the Fool card and didn’t see that Gina was going to take the money and leave her behind. The meaning of a Tarot card can change depending on how you draw it.

King of Swords

When upright, the King of Swords stands for truth and intelligence. But when reversed it is manipulative, tyrannical and abusive. Eduardo is the King of Swords reversed.

A powerful gang leader who was once a client of Charlie’s, at first Charlie, thought that he could use Eduardo to protect himself from Fonso, only to realize too late that he had traded one violent boss for another.

The Magician, the Emperor, the High Priestess and the King of Swords, on their own, each one of these cards is powerful. But if you pull this hand in Tarot, your future could be chaos. With one million dollars in hand and enemies all around them, Charlie’s going to need to pull the Wheel of Fortune card if he hopes to survive.