Spirit guides are beings which are not exactly in the human realm and are supposed to help you in reaching your spiritual goals. But the question is, can you trust them implicitly, without the shadow of a doubt. It is a tricky question definitely.

On the one hand, for some people, it is hard to trust anyone at all, even more, so a being which is beyond their understanding. However, there would always be those who had to insist that you trust your spirit guide blindly as they know better than you or what not. Sometimes it would be the spirit guides themselves who had to insist on their superiority and thereby demand complete and utter faith from you. Both of these approaches are wrong. Especially if someone is trying too hard to believe them, stay away from them.

Trust a Spirit Guide or Not

Like any other acquaintance, it is a case of trial and error. You just need to be objective and discerning. Much the same as you wouldn’t hand over your material riches to simply any individual who strolls in through the entryway, your spiritual riches, your general existence too needs to possibly be maneuvered carefully. Spiritual beings are more powerful than us as in they can easily comprehend the energy fields around us.

They definitely know more, whereas humans rarely have the detachment and awareness to do the same to them. But there are a few things you can judge by careful questioning and observation whether or not they follow the same belief system as you.


For instance, if your guide’s belief system is not in sync with yours, their path of guidance may cause clashes with your beliefs. Would then this be being true to you? Don’t assume that just because they are spiritual beings they are beyond any belief systems. They may yet ascribe to certain beliefs and that is where problems may arise from.