Lapis for the Third Eye, but some people use it for the Throat Chakra. You can paste, you know put a piece on your Third Eye or you can hold in your hands when you meditate. The color of Lapis resonates very strongly with the energy of the Third Eye. It helps intensify it and for some people that help open it up.


Selenite is definitely one of my favorites. But with Selenite, what I like to do is either massage my Third Eye or place it on my crown chakra. I find there’s a deep connection between the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye. The more open my Crown Chakra is the more my psychic abilities increase. So placing this above my Crown Chakra helps me with that.

Clear Quartz or amplifies and intensifies everything. You can meditate on it, put it on your Third Eye, and it may give a kick to it. So please be aware if you’re using something like Clear Quartz it may become too intense. Then if it is too intense take it off of it, hold it in your hands, meditate with it, but don’t put it on the Third Eye.


Labradorite brings a transformational energy in and with that I find it helps strengthens the walls of the Chakra I know that sounds kind of odd, but it strengthens it so that it can open up more, and it is a very different feeling. So please, when you try it, let me know what your experiences are with any of these crystals, but especially with Labradorite.


Now this one I like to use on my Throat Chakra because it helps open up my Ear Chakras and most people don’t realize you have Ear Chakras but the Ear Chakras are the ones where you can start developing your Clairaudience. I’ve picked up music that I know is not from this planet in different places when I’ve used pieces like Celestite on my Throat Chakra.

All of a sudden the ears just popped right open and for some people may be more subtle. You may hear a whisper and you have to pay attention, but keep using and it’s one that may not do it immediately, but with time you start feeling and sensing the differences.


People like it for the Third Eye, I like it for the Crown Chakra. It’s another that helps bring in that purple ray which I really want in my body and it, what I want to say is that it causes an expansion of my psychic abilities.


Place it under your pillow at night or in your pillowcase and before you go to bed ask a question. You know “What can I do about this”? Or “What should I expect”? And see what happens. In the morning, start writing down ideas. I usually say it takes a week to two for some people to see a pattern emerging. For some people, maybe overnight. You’re going to get the answer, but for others, it makes take a week or two. Please start a dream journal, start writing it down so you can start noticing what’s happening.


Fluorite has purple and green coloring, and what I like about it, it connects the heart energy, because the heart knows a lot more than the mind does half the time and it connects the Crown Chakra so you have the two chakras connecting and all of a sudden they are communicating a lot better. So you’re able to receive the information and understand it on a soul level, of what you need to do or what is happening, especially with psychic ability.


This one has a much softer vibration than the other stones I’ve mentioned. The other stones, all except, for Celestite, have a little bit more of a kick. Angelite helps you connect with your angels just like the name. It is very gentle.

It is calming and soothing so when you start receiving information from it whether meditating it, with it putting it on your Throat Chakra, putting it on your pillow at night, be aware that it just may come as you know, quick glimpse of something or a quick whisper or sound, you’re going to have to pay attention so please be aware. That’s really important with this.


Azurite is more for the Third Eye and Azurite is a deep blue in color, in fact, it reminds me of the night. When I have used Azurite, it has just, it can even, it felt like I had a headache, it was so strong for me. So please be gentle. Don’t, you know if it’s too strong, take it off, give it a break, or try another Azurite crystal. Because it really can feel like there’s a bolt of lightning going through.


For some people, Apatite has the same thing. Now I like to use Apatite both on the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye and Apatite is probably like a blue-green color and it also has felt the same way. With an Azurite, like there was a bolt of lightning going in, and I had to take it off and that’s unusual for me because I can usually take a lot of energy from a crystal.

So with those crystals that are too strong for you, try using it another way. I will meditate with them or I will hold them or I’ll place them under my pillow at night. But if they’re too strong for you when you meditate, I’m going to suggest don’t put it under your pillow. Put it may be in the room that you’re sleeping in. Because that energy may keep you up. Yes, it may help your psychic abilities, but if you’re not going to get any sleep.