You have five psychic senses that are basically an extension of your normal five, you’ve got to exercise those muscles, the more you practice, the better it gets, let’s get physical. Now you don’t have to practice just because you want superpowers, you can practice these intuitive exercises to be better at your everyday intuition and getting better instincts, but it helps to have superpowers, superpowers are cool


This is the faculty of seeing, there’s inner clairvoyance and there’s outer clairvoyance, to practice your inner clairvoyance, close your eyes and imagine a bunch of numbers on cards on the ground in front of a big curtain, imagine.

  1. Number one, finding the number one and floating it up to the curtain and putting it on the curtain, then imagine.
  2. Number two, finding it on the ground and putting it on the curtain, it seems like a really simple exercise.

But what it’s doing is training the muscles of your inner clairvoyance so that when it’s time to receive psychic information and your inner clairvoyance, your third eye, you’re all primed and ready.

Another exercise for outer clairvoyance is to observe the room around you for five minutes and then closing your eyes, picturing all of the detail of the room and then writing down everything you pick up, learning how to pick up little details you might not have otherwise noticed and even though these are not necessarily psychic pieces of information it’s getting you prepped to pick up those very subtle pieces of information that you would not otherwise notice.


Feel something with your hands and you can kind of sense different things about it, picking up the story of an object, touch it, feel it, close your eyes and let it tell you a story and just let that story come to you, just imagine what that object has to tell you, where was it in the world, who was holding it before you, feeling any sensations in your body, notice any emotions that come up around that object, and this is just practice to get that muscle moving, it’s all about bringing your psychic abilities into your control because if your psychic information is just coming at you like a freight train, you can’t really control it or observe what’s yours and what’s not yours, what’s relevant and what’s irrelevant.


This is your ability to hear things that might not be there, a lot of people get confused by that buzzing in their ears, well, if it’s not tinnitus, like you have ear issues and you go to the doctor, but what you’re hearing in a magnified way is the electricity of your own body, so if you plug your ears and just listen, wait till we’re done, then plug your ears and if you plug your ears and just listen. You’ll hear all of this crackling noise and buzzing noise, you’re actually hearing the electricity of your own body and this act like kind of a green screen for receiving clairaudient messages.

Clear Taste

This is one that isn’t used quite as often but it is important and it’s kind of actually fun to develop, one exercise is to turn off the lights and eat your dinner in the dark and really focus on tasting the flavors of the food and taste each flavor or you might want to do this with a partner, you can even do it on a romantic date.

Clear Scent

This is the faculty of smelling a smell that isn’t there in your world, sometimes you’ll smell a cigar in the room or your grandma’s perfume or something like that, when dinner is cooking, pay attention to the different smells of that meal and see if you can separate the different herbs or spices that are being used, chefs are probably really good at this one.