When the urge to develop your psychic abilities arises, it is probably ignited by some combination of a deep desire to help others and a recent encounter with some perplexing and gooseflesh-inducing phenomena. Maybe you dreamed of a loved one who passed away. Perhaps you knew your friend was pregnant before she told you, or it could be that you have begun seeing, hearing, smelling or feeling things quite out of the ordinary.

There is, however, often an unspoken element to our desire to develop our psychic abilities, which is that when we have one of our deliciously freaky experiences, it causes us to feel something.

  1. Connection
  2. Love
  3. Inspiration
  4. Intimacy
  5. Gratitude
  6. Amazement
  7. Awe

These feelings rush in when you begin to explore what your mind and spirit are capable of. So if you are experiencing sadness, loneliness, depression, disconnection or just the all too familiar feeling of mildly frustrated disgruntlement, developing psychic abilities might be just the novel medicine you need to lift your spirits so to speak.

So read on to discover five definite ways that developing your psychic abilities could help you heal negative emotions.

Meditation heals feelings of loneliness and isolation

A regular meditation practice is vital for developing your psychic abilities and as you get really good at meditating (and with practice you will), you will come to see yourself and your place in the world differently. It is really hard to feel lonely and isolated when you realize you are a Divine and beloved part of all that is!

All the crap you go through suddenly has a blessed purpose

When you develop your psychic abilities, you will come to have a new appreciation for the drama and trauma in your own life. Whatever crap you go through empowers you to empathize with, and insightfully discuss other people’s crap in a most helpful and enlightening way. More than once I have been glad of my troubles as they have enabled me to help others with theirs.

Practicing mediumship can help heal sadness and fear

When you practice mediumship (connecting with people who have passed) long enough, you will arrive at the conclusion that there is life after death. Your spirit can’t die and your loved ones can’t either. Suddenly there is not that much to be sad about or scared of anymore.

Learning how to interpret psychic symbols can help you heal frustration

Psychic work requires that you become adept at interpreting symbols. This ability is really useful when it comes to how you deal with sources of frustration in your own life. Suddenly you realize that your boyfriend doesn’t leave his towel on the floor to piss you off and even if he does, maybe it doesn’t matter that much. You just interpreted the situation in a new way!

Giving a psychic reading that helps someone heal diminishes

your own feelings of anger and unforgiveness and developing your psychic abilities is a team sport. Your abilities require exercise and will get stronger with practice. One way you can practice is by giving readings to others. When you become repeatedly exposed to the hopes, fears, pain, and joy of other people, it puts your own stuff in perspective. Being compassionate towards others in this way is a great antidote for anger and unforgiveness. If you can see intuitively that your subject is trying hard to forgive, perhaps you can too? So as much as your psychic development is about your weirdness and your desire to serve others, it can also serve you.