You don’t have to be a psychic to read someone’s mind or, at least, to make them think you are reading their mind. You will need three playing cards, one with a large X written on the back, an envelope with the words you will choose and the name of the 2nd card written on it, a duplicate of the third card and a flat surface.

Step 1

Before your audience arrives, tuck the duplicate card into the bottom of the envelope and fold the envelope over to the side with the writing is covered. Now put the three cards into the top part of the folded envelope, and stick the whole package in your pocket.

Step 2

In front of your audience, pull the envelope out of your pocket and quickly put it writing-side down on the surface. Boast that it is really not all that hard to read someone’s mind.

Step 3

Quickly pull just the three cards out of the top part of the envelope and place them face up on the table. Make sure the spectator doesn’t see the X on the back of the one card.

Step 4

Ask an audience member to tap on the card of their choice. Build suspense by asking if they are sure they want that card. Offer to allow them to pick another.

Step 5

No matter which card they finally settle on, tell them you knew they’d choose it then prove it.

1. If they chose the card with the “X”, flip it over and reveal your ‘prediction’ mark.

2. If they chose the 2nd card, flip over the envelope to reveal your written prediction.

3. If they chose the 3rd card, reach into the envelope and pull out proof you read their mind. The same card! Did you know Magicians who specialize in mind reading are known as mentalists?