The Ouija Board, sitting, if you got a very strong stomach with, in a darkened room, a mirror, a candle, and you, even I don’t have a stomach for that is also a way that one could possibly attract or see the dear departed over one’s shoulder.

However, it’s also a question of perhaps embracing what we do see. As children, we’re much more open to these things, the monster under the bed, mommy tells or we’re told there isn’t a monster under the bed. So we forget the monster under the bed. Is there still something under the bed? Yes, probably, but we have been trained out of it.

So we’ve got to, in a way, step back and think, well, not necessarily is there something under the bed, but, are we in truth encompassed by substances of a sort, might we be able to be somewhat more open to stating maybe there is something there, as opposed to we’ve been educated there isn’t and the thing about reaching the great beyond, on a few levels it may sound extremely engaging, exceptionally alluring, one doesn’t generally get from learning of life following death precisely what you think you need to hear, and I surmise that is extremely one of the most grounded things I would need to state to you.

In development classes of the Scriptures Association of Great Britain, we were taught it’s much more important to be able to close down than to open up. But having opened up, there are many ways of doing that, sitting in meditation in a darkened room, meditation is, I think, perhaps the most common way of being in touch with other planes of consciousness. But again, does that suit you or not? Me, personally, I try to meditate I go off to sleep. So that doesn’t work for me, but that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t work for you. You need to be in a quiet place.