Ring of Solomon is an arc or semicircle formed starting between the Jupiter and Saturn finger and either ending at the other end of Jupiter finger or middle of the edge of the Jupiter mount as shown.

Most of the people often wonder what does the word Solomon actually denotes. In Bible and several other works, it is said that King Solomon started offering sacrifices to God, and when the God finally appeared during the night in his dream promising whatever he wants in his life will be given. Instead of asking for long life or any other selfish gains, Solomon asked for wisdom so that we can deliver better justice to the people of his kingdom.

That is why Ring of Solomon is associated with wisdom where the person is able to understand other person’s mind and pain. No wonder it is found in the hands of lawyers where the strong psychic abilities help them to make a good judgment of people. Along with it, if the headline is long, straight and branches out at the end will increase the effect of Ring of Solomon. It is also found in the hands of magicians where they are able to understand the human mind and perceptions creating an illusion at the right time.

People with a well-marked Ring of Solomon often become good astrologers, healers, palmists or any other related psychology field where they give good advice to others. In this process, they get to know themselves even better and find the true purpose in one’s life.

Two different forms of ring of Solomon are found on the Jupiter Mount

1. First, one starts between the Jupiter and Saturn finger and takes a nice curve until it gets stopped by the vertical line on the Jupiter mount as marked by the line in yellow color. For the sake of purpose of explaining, I have extended the curved line. More the curved line moves upwards towards the other end of the Jupiter’s finger as shown, more it takes the form of ideal state of the ring of Solomon as marked by the line in blue color making the person highly intuitive and spiritual in nature. Such kind of formation is very rare to find.

2. The second kind of formation is when the line becomes straight as marked by the line in green color. Such line is known as the line of sympathy as the person becomes sympathetic towards others with the logical mind. It is very common to find the sympathy lines on the person’s hand. Remember if there are multiple sympathy lines on the person’s hand and the heart line and the headline of the person are full of defects then the person loses logical blend of mind and demonstrates sympathy towards others to the point of being foolish.

If the star gets attached to the ring of Solomon on the mount of Jupiter is considered as an excellent kind of formation as the star gives the personal fame and wealth. At the same time, the ring of Solomon keeps the person grounded while achieving the success. Similarly, if the square is found on the ring of Solomon it protects the person from using one’s wisdom or knowledge in an evil manner.