See Spirits

There are actually a lot of different ways that you can see spirits. So, you may have seen apparitions full-on, either as a child or an adult and the reality is that your psychic abilities can wake up at any time in your life.

One of the things that have been fascinating over the last few years is the fact that people seem to be growing into the psychic abilities later in life than before. It’s so usual to hear the story of a psychic medium that discovered their gifts when they were a child, so they just always knew they had this connection. But more and more people are starting to develop and recognize their abilities in their 30’s, 40, or even 50’s. So it really doesn’t matter what age you are when you discover it.

What matters is that you recognize them. So with that said, you may see a full apparition, you may see it with your physical eyes or you may see something out of your peripheral which is usually what happens when this ability is starting to unfold, starting to manifest.

The other thing that is interesting to note is that you may see spirits in your minds’ eye. Now, this is something that most mediums experience and it is called mental mediumship. For now, I just want you to know that if you have ever seen a spirit either in your mind’s eye or physical eye that is a clear sign that you are a psychic medium

Sense Spirits Around You

This means that when you walk into a room, you may feel the energy of the room. You may feel as if there is something watching you or you may just sense that there are other energies in the room. Even if you are by yourself, you may feel this way but you might even feel it in a room full of people. So you walk into a room full of people, maybe it’s quiet, maybe it’s a library, who knows what the situation is? You just feel as if there is something else there and that is known as clairsentience. But if that sounds familiar, be sure to check out the video so you can learn more about the psychic senses.

Vivid Imaginary Friend

You can kind of have that as an adult too. A lot of people aren’t willing to admit but if as an adult, you have started to develop friends which hopefully you are not speaking out loud in public because that’s little embarrassing, makes you look little weird, but if that happens that, that’s most likely a spirit guide or could, in fact, be someone who has crossed over.

If you had imaginary friends as a child or you started to have them as an adult, but they were revealing information’s to you that you couldn’t possibly know, that’s a clear sign that you are a medium too. Because a medium is not just somebody who connects with people who are now on the other side, basically dead people, ghosts. A medium is someone that connects with the spirit world. That means you are able to connect with angels, guides and other beings in that spiritual realm.

Orbs Around You

This is pretty cool. So, the orbs are going to be these orbs of light. I get so many people sending me pictures of orbs all the time and sometimes they are orbs and sometimes it’s just dust, so, you need to be careful with this. There are usually two different ways that they present themselves.

One is a very large white circle. It’s going to look almost as if someone has taken an eraser and erased a circle out of your picture. There is just no color there at all and you can also see like a halo of color around it. That’s a clear indication of an orb.

The other way an orb might look is, there might be a bigger circle but in the very middle of it, there is this bright dot, so that’s how you call tell the difference between whether you have a spark of dust that might be around things, looks a little floaty. The roundness isn’t quite so prevalent as opposed to an orb that is very round and very.