The soul

It is an ethereal body. It is a conglomeration of innumerable energy particles with imprints of experiences. It is the seat of the individual’s consciousness and part of the reservoir of the collective consciousness. The soul is the basic phenomenon in the existence of man. The body is only a suitable vehicle for the soul to fulfill its divine journey towards perfection.

The mind

It is the outcome or result of the process of extension and expansion of the soul during its existence in the physical body. All perceptions, feelings, and other experiences of the soul in its state of physical transformation constitute the mind: conscious and subconscious.

When there is any sensation of pleasure or pain, what is the entity that feels the sensation? Specifically, only the Consciousness seated in the soul feels the sensation of any kind. The soul devoid of the body cannot feel any sensation. Only when the soul functions within the body, its extension through the senses becomes the instrument of feeling the sensation.

For example, when the soul comes into contact with any object, it is subjected to a physical transformation through the sense by which it gets its contact. The Consciousness within the soul perceives pressure, sound, light, taste or smell according to the nature of the object of experience. This is the psychic extension of the soul. Perception and the feeling of pain or pleasure and all other experiences constitute the mind.

Here, I should elucidate the experiences of the soul in its psychic extensions and developments. As stated earlier, the physical body is a systematically arranged construction of molecules, so that blood, heat, and air can circulate in their respective passages and at their respective speeds. Whenever and wherever, in any part of the body, for any reason, blood, heat or air is obstructed, diverted or exhausted; the molecular structure in that part of the body gets disturbed.

In order to rectify the defect, the life energy increases its intensity at that part. The force and duration of this localized intensity of the life-energy will correspond to the body’s need. The energy accumulated by stagnation in that particular part is converted into electricity and consumed. Because of the damage, the electrical function has been short-circuited.

1. The excessive consumption of the life-energy and it’s short-circuited is felt by the soul as pain sensation. Any perception of sensation, whatever it may be, is only a result of physical transformation and the psychic extension of the soul. The sensation of feeling is the first psychic extension of the soul.

2. When the soul feels a painful sensation, it wants to get rid of it. It then seeks some commodity, facility, action, help or environmental opportunity to neutralize or remove the pain. Such a psychic extension of the soul arising from the pain extension is needed, so the need is the second development in the psychic extension.

3. After need, the third stage of psychic development is an effort. When effort takes its full force, it gives rise to action.

4. The action is the fourth extension.

5. Pain or pleasure is the result of the action and therefore, the result is the fifth stage.

6. Enjoyment is the sixth stage.

7. And experience is the seventh stage.

8. Research is the eighth stage.

9. Realization is the ninth stage.

10. The conclusion is the final stages.

These ten stages of the psychic extension of the soul are together called the mind. When functioning in its waking state, externalized via the senses, the mind is in its peripheral mode of function. This is called the conscious mind.