I come from a really mixed family. All my siblings, aside from my little brother, we all look different so we’re all different colors of the rainbow and we all grew up together in the same house and I guess that that was a really cool thing. I’m really glad that that happened to me because it gave me the chance to not think in the same way that a lot of people have been conditioned to think. I think that’s a super cool thing and I wish the world would be more like that.

So my mom, when I was born, she wanted to name me Starley, she said that she knew I was going to be a famous singer. My mom is very intuitive and she’s almost psychic. I can’t even explain it. She always knows when something’s gonna go wrong or like she just, she has an inkling about something and she’ll say something and then it would happen and we’d all be like ” we should’ve listened to mom” you know? She’s really funny that way so when I was born she wanted to name me Starley and my dad said no.

My dad said “We’re not naming her Starley, that’s just an airy-fairy name, like who wants to have their kid as Starley, that’s a terrible name” My mom said “No she’s going to be famous, we have to call her Starley, she’s going to be a great singer” So she put her foot down and basically, when the mom wants to name the kid like you can’t really argue with the mom. She birthed me. She went through all the hours all that shit so she named me Starley. She turned out to be right.

When I got older and I started to sing a lot I realized that that was a good thing. Because in the beginning, I used to get teased at school and stuff and I really kind of resented that that was my name. But later on, I was really happy about it. I guess my mom is the dreamer and the encourager. She’s the one where, if my dad tells me a song’s not good enough, my mom said “Stop if Clifford, it’s beautiful. Like why do you have to”? You know but my dad’s very practical. So she’s the dreamer and she’s the one that I’ll go to for the nurturing side.

My dad’s the one that I’ll go to for the hard criticism, the kind of like constructive criticism but you know the truth, the hard truth. So, my dad, I’d be next to him talking about it and we’d try to go through strategies of how “okay well what’s the next move” we always used to say “what’s the next move”. That was a thing that we used to talk about. To sort of make a new little strategy and figure out “okay so now maybe I need to make these couple of songs and reach out to that person” and I’d spend an hour every day reaching out to people.

So my dad was the one that I sort of used to go to for advice and everything like that. Things that was practical and even when I was at the point when I was gonna quit, even him at that point started to think “Yeah it’s the right thing” Even though it probably made him feel really sad that it wasn’t working out, he was thinking the same thing like “maybe it’s time” So yeah, you probably understand by now that for my parents right now, they are so ecstatic about life.

I think they feel so proud that something they believed in for so long and everyone else didn’t believe after a while people were just like “Nah you guys, you’re a little crazy”. So now they just feel really proud that they stuck with me throughout everything. Yeah, they couldn’t be happier I think so it’s cool.