As a Psychic medium, I am able to tap into the energy and to connect with spirits that have crossed over, that does mean dead people. I have been aware of my gift since I was a very young child and of course I didn’t understand, when I was young, what this meant, but I have spent my life, truly dedicated my life to understanding, embracing, and learning all that I can about this gift that I feel has been given to me by God.

In a session with a medium as myself, what I will do is connect with the energy of your loved one and ask them to step forward and I will often ask them for validations or information they will share with me which the client has not shared.

That’s a very important aspect of being a true medium or channeler, is that we are able to provide something, even something that might appear random, something that shows you that we have connected with your loved one. I feel that in life, death is one of the most difficult things we as humans face, and so many times it’s not just the physical loss, but death is accompanied by questions.

Sometimes there’s a mystery surrounding the death and that is how I can help. I have the ability to tap into that energy and answer questions that you may have that are unanswered, mysteries perhaps that revolve around the death.

A lot of times people, there’s a sudden death and they feel that they were not able to give a proper goodbye. I am able to receive and share messages and this has been such a wonderful opportunity for me to share this. It’s a very profound experience with my clients and they all feel as though a burden has been lifted, it’s a joyful experience, a clarity that they receive, but actually, it’s also very joyful for me because I feel this is my calling and my dedication.

When I am connecting with your loved one in spirits, I use my spirit guides. The only tools that I use are I do light candles and I am very much a believer in natural crystals, so I have one sitting here before me. Those are the only tools that I use, I rely on my spirit guides to share these messages and they communicate with me telepathically, so I don’t actually in a medium session hearing formation.

It is more images that are shown to me and perhaps I might get an image of a uniform, I might see a red dress, I will usually pick up the characteristics or the persona of the individual. It is an extremely important experience for those people that feel unsettled and are not able to move forward in life.